Pemato Ltd. is a Hungarian family-owned fruit and vegetable trading company. It was established in 2010. The company’s wholesaler partner is ALDI. Pemato Ltd. has its own retail units, Vitamin Szalon. Vitamin Szalon is the first Hungarian fruit and vegetable franchise system.

The aim of the agricultural engineer owner is to make the premium quality fruits and vegetables of Southern Great Plain well-known to every region of Hungary. With the help of Vitamin Szalon franchise system Pemato Ltd. units the producers of Southern Great Plain, especially from Csongrád County.

Pemato Ltd. educates and invites its customers to live a healthy life, eat more fruits and vegetables and choose Hungarian products.

Vitamin Szalon is the fruit&veg store of the future. It combines the benefits of the fruit&veg dept. of a large supermarket and the friendly atmosphere and professional service of an old shop in the corner.

In a Vitamin Szalon store customers can follow up the origin of the products. That gives the trust every customer needs during a shopping process. The stores have a number of new and unique technical solutions e.g. easy-to-explore standouts, recipe print kiosk, humidifier, „smart-scale”, and a playground for children. These devices make shopping easier and exciting. Vitamin Szalon stores are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.